Multifunctional German Shepherd Leash Made of Soft English Leather

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  • Model: L110E1098 10 mm English leather leash multi functional


Multifunctional English Leather Dog Leash for German Shepherd

Can you imagine that some leash has functions which several special types of leashes perform?

This Soft Leather Leash unites the modes of a walking leash (short or long), a coupler, leash with handle or loop etc. It is possible thanks to various rings (stitched or floating) and 2 snap hooks which this practical supply is equipped with. Attaching the snaps to different rings this model can modify its length and shape. Below you can find out detailed instructions concerning usage of this Modern Multi-Mode Leash.

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Multifunctional Leather German Shepherd Leash with Brass Fittings

Multifunctional German Shepherd Leash of Soft Leather

Multifunctional German Shepherd Leash with Stitched Brass Ring

Stitched Ring of Multifunctional German Shepherd Leash

Main characteristics:

  • Soft English genuine leather;
  • Hand stitched;
  • 3/8 inch (10 mm) wide leather strap;
  • Brass fittings;
  • 2 snap hooks;
  • 2 stitched rings;
  • Floating ring.

Intended to use for:

  • Walking;
  • Training.

Length of the leash:

  • 5 ft (150 cm);
  • 7 ft (210 cm).

Possible colors:

  • Black;
  • Brown.

This Multifunctional Leather Dog Leash has the following modes:

  1. As a long leash. Just use this in full length. It will be useful for tracking and when your German Shepherd should be over your control on long distance.

  2. As a short leash. Attach one snap hook to the ring near the other snap hook and your dog will be controlled closer to you.

  3. As a coupler. Fix both snap hooks to your dogs and hold the leash at the middle.

  4. A leash with handle. To create a handle for this leash attach one end to the ring that is stitched at the center.

  5. A leash with a loop. To make a loop connect one snap hook with a floating ring. The loop can be useful if you want to wrap the leash on your waist or to wear it on your shoulder. It is also will help for tethering your pet to some object.

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